FOSS in Education

Always felt Free and Open Source Software should be pushed in schools? Well Free Educational Resources is the natural extension of that and provides resources for much more than just software. Jump in and Celebrate Education Freedom Day with us!

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Sharing knowledge

Free Educational Resources covers all the educational resources needed to run courses, any course. It's really all the curriculum data to be able to provide knowledge to someone, and the ability to share those data freely and improve or adapt them eventually!

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Events location

2014 is going to be our first celebration and as usual we have set up a map to let you see where you can find events and discover more. No event in your area? Simply join our list and try to find local partners to set up your own event!

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Open educational resources provide a learner-centered platform that authentically marries technology with education, provides access and equity to education resources for all, and last but not least, is in some cases enabling the re-professionalism of teaching.

Lisa Petrides

Let's build educational material for free and open access!

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